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How Many Days Of Bleeding Are Typical During Menstruation?


Updated April 05, 2014

Question: How Many Days Of Bleeding Are Typical During Menstruation?
Answer: Menstruation lasts from three to five days, on average. That doesn't mean that anything is wrong if your period is longer or shorter. Normal menstruation can last from one to eight days. Many factors play a role in how many days bleeding lasts. During the first few years after the onset of menstruation, many girls experience unpredictable menstruation. The good news is that menstruation usually normalizes after about two years.

Period length can vary, and some lifestyle or medical changes may impact the duration or severity of bleeding and cramping. For example, using oral contraceptives or The Pill can affect the number of days your period lasts. Women who use oral contraceptives frequently experience shorter periods, as well as lighter flow. In fact, today’s continuous oral contraceptives offer women the chance to menstruate four or less times per year.

Of course, anytime your period is excessively heavy, long lasting, or doesn’t seem normal, consult your physician for advice.

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