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Uterus 101 - Diseases and Conditions of the Uterus

Articles that provide information about diseases and conditions of the uterus. Covers uterine fibroid tumors, endometriosis, and retroversion of the uterus or tipped uterus.
  1. Uterine Fibroid Tumors (6)

What are the Symptoms of Endometriosis?
Endometriosis is a uterine disorder. It usually diagnosed in women in their twenties and thirties and is accompanied by cramps and pelvic pain. Learn more about these and other endometriosis symptoms.

What is a Retroverted Uterus?
A review of retroversion of the uterus. Covers causes of a retroverted uterus (also known as a tipped uterus or tilted uterus), as well as diagnosis, treatment, and prevention facts.

Endometriosis Awareness and Resources
Information about this devastating disease that is often difficult to diagnose. Includes resources to help you find answers to your questions about this endocrine disorder.

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