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Sex, Relationships, and Menstruation

Tips and articles written to help improve and inspire the relationships in our lives during the menstrual cycle and menstruation. Covers relationships with spouses, children, extended family and friends, as well as work issues and questions about sex and menstruation.

What Is the Billings Method?
A look at what defines the Billings method.

What Are the Female Reproductive Years?
A look when the reproductive years occur and what happens during this time.

Should I Use Vaginal Douches?
A look at why women use vaginal douches and whether vaginal douching is a good idea. Covers types of vaginal douches, pros and cons of vaginal douching, and feminine hygiene.

Vaginal Symptoms of Infections
A look a symptoms of infections that occur in the vagina. Covers symptoms that affect the vagina.

Top 10 Causes of Vaginal Bleeding After Sex
There's nothing that can bring you back to reality after sex faster than discovering that you're bleeding. Get the details about the most common causes of vaginal bleeding after sexual intercourse.

Cervical Ectropin
Covers what cervical ectropin is and when this condition of the cervix occurs.

Post-coital Bleeding
Post-coital bleeding defined. Includes causes of post-coital bleeding.

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