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Menstrual Myths and the History of Menstruation

Information that dispels many of the myths and misconceptions you've heard about menstruation, including many that have been passed down for generations. Includes facts about menstruation from a historical viewpoint.

Menstrual Myths - Menstrul Myths You Have Been Told
Almost every girl and woman has been told at least one menstrual myth. Find out what menstrual myths other women have heard, and share the myths you've been told about menstruation.

What Does the Phrase "On the Rag" Mean?
A review of the phrase "on the rag." Covers meaning of "on the rag" and why you may still hear this phrase today.

Menstrual Myths
A look at menstruation and the myths women have been told about their periods. Provides the true facts about the menstrual myths girls and women have been told over the generations.

What Did Women Use for Sanitary Protection Before Commercial Pads and
A look at sanitary protection for menstrual bleeding in the 19th century.

The Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health
This site is the authority on menstrual history and women's health over the years. Learn about the myths women have been told about menstruation, and see sanitary devices, books, and instruments used for by women historically. This museum is both online and offline a Washington, D.C. basement. Although the site can be difficult to navigate, it's definitely worth your time.

Menstruation in Ancient Egypt
An article from the Museum of Menstruation that describes how menstruation was viewed by the ancient Egyptians.

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