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Can I Go Swimming During My Period?


Updated August 12, 2013

Question: Can I Go Swimming During My Period?
Answer: Many young women wonder if it is okay to go swimming when you're on your period. Thankfully, you can swim while you have your period. You may have heard that it’s unsafe to go into the water while you’re menstruating, but there isn't a factual basis for that advice. It is just an old menstrual myth. As long as you feel OK, menstruation should never stop you from pursuing your regular activities, including swimming. In fact, physical exercise such as swimming may even help ease the cramps and fatique that some women experience during their monthly periods.

When swimming while you have your period, you can use a tampon to keep from bleeding through your bathing suit or clothes. If you’ve never worn a tampon, learn how to properly insert tampons and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

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