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Why Do I Feel Dizzy?


Updated June 09, 2014

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Question: Why Do I Feel Dizzy?
Answer: The reason you feel dizzy may be related to your menstrual cycle. Dizziness is a sensation that often makes people feel off balance, like the room is spinning. You may actually lose your balance.

One of the most common causes of dizziness in menstruating girls and women is iron-deficiency anemia.

Dizziness is also a symptom of several other diseases and conditions. These include balance disorders, ear problems, stroke, motion sickness, a sudden drop in blood pressure, dehydration, or getting up to quickly from sitting or lying down.

Dizziness is a possible side effect of many different types of OTC and prescription drugs. These drugs include medications for high blood pressure, asthma and other breathing problems, heart diseases, pain, sedatives, and drugs used to treat ADHD and other mental health conditions. Talk to your doctor right away, if you suspect that a drug is causing dizziness. Never suddenly stop taking any drug without your doctors’ approval.

Fortunately, most instances of dizziness resolve themselves without medical intervention. However, if you experience dizziness often contact your doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

Contact your doctor immediately, if

  • you’ve never experienced dizziness before,
  • your symptoms change for the worse
  • dizziness interferes with your daily routine,
  • you experience hearing loss.
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