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Menstrual Hygiene

Personal hygiene during menstruation explored including information about bathing and showering, and buying and using sanitary protection products. Discover the answers to your questions about personal hygiene during your periods.

How To Use a Tampon
Instructions on how to use a tampon, including insertion, how to dispose of used tampons, and what to do if vaginal dryness makes tampon insertion difficult.

What Do Tampon Absorbency Ratings Mean?
A look at the official guidelines for tampon absorbency ratings. Learn to pick the right tampon absorbency for your menstrual blood flow.

Tampon Tips for Teens
A look at tampons and menstruation. How to use tampons for comfort and security during menstruation, and tips for teenage girls and women who use tampons during their periods.

Should I Use Vaginal Douches?
A look at why women use vaginal douches and whether vaginal douching is a good idea. Covers types of vaginal douches, pros and cons of vaginal douching, and feminine hygiene.

Oral Hygiene and Women
A woman’s body goes through so many changes that good oral hygiene is especially important. These changes are mostly contributed to fluctuating hormone levels throughout different stages in a woman's life such as puberty, pregnancy and menopause. The use of oral contraceptives can contribute to these changes as well. About.com Dentistry Guide Tammy Davenport explains.

Starting to Use Deodorant
About.com Pediatrics Guide Dr. Vincent Iannelli offers his advice about body odor and when to start using deodorant.

Normal Weird Stuff Your Body Does During Puberty
About.com Teen Advice Guide Mike Hardcastle talks about some of the changes that happen to your body during puberty. Covers body odor and sweat, as well as body hair growth, zits, and sleep issues.

How to Make Your Own Menstrual Pads
You can do your part to save our environment by making these reusable menstrual pads. Includes easy-to-follow illustrated directions for making washable sanitary protection pads to use during menstruation.

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